Maryland Handgun HQL 

Alan Simkin is a public school teacher with a Masters Degree in Instructional Systems Development from UMBC.  He is also a husband, father, motorcyclist, and, of course, an NRA and MD State Police certified Handgun Instructor.  Alan has owned, literally, hundreds of handguns of every type imaginable, getting his first as a gift at age 8 from his older brother, a Baltimore City Police Officer and career Army Officer, who drilled him relentlessly about safety and proper handling.  He grew up devouring Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times magazines, and everything else he could get his hands on to read.  Alan has been a reloader for over 30 years, having loaded virtually every handgun caliber, shotgun shells, and about a dozen different rifle calibers.  His favorite slogan for shooting is, "experts don't have accidents."             


Meet Your Instructor:

Training Requirements

As of October 1, 2013, Maryland law requires that new buyers wishing to purchase a handgun must complete a 4-hour training course that meets the guidelines of the law as set forth by the Maryland State Police Licensing Division. This class is an MSP approved course that will allow residents to meet the training requirements, and legally purchase a handgun in the State of Maryland.
Please Note:
Purchasing a handgun in the State of Maryland is a complex process. This course fulfills the safety education requirement of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 and allows you to receive your Handgun Qualification License (HQL). A potential purchaser must also have: a clean criminal record, get fingerprinted, choose a handgun that is approved and appears on the Maryland Handgun Roster, submit Maryland State Police and federal applications, and wait the 7 days for their approval to release the handgun. There are other elements that depend on whether the handgun is new or used, and so forth. This information will be covered in great depth during the course. This course is only one part of the handgun buying process.
Classes are held every Saturday in Halethorpe, MD starting at 12:30PM.  The first three hours are in the classroom, while the final hour of instruction takes place at a shooting range.  Preferred class size is a minimum of 2 students, and is limited to 8 students. I will, however, conduct the class with one single student if the student is anxious to get the ball rolling with their HQL. Also, if for some reason a Saturday class doesn't work for you, please contact me and we can set something up during the week.

What to Bring

You must bring an official ID (driver's license), NRA member number (if applicable) a notebook, pens or pencils, and a positive, safe attitude.  If you have a handgun that you wish to use for the maintenance and  range segments of the course you may bring it, along with ammo.  You may bring the handgun into the classroom for instructional purposes, but please DO NOT bring any ammunition into the classroom.